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HVS of Orion Online Learning

Nexus, the August 2009 Template Release, focuses on style control, allowing for quick and easy changes to all style elements. Also, the theme features a recoded structure, perfect for search engine optimisation.


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Custom Fonts
Nexus - Continuum - Bebas

Standard Fonts
Geneva - Helvetica - Trebuchet
Lucida - Georgia - Palatino - Optima

Menu Type
Fusion - Splitmenu - Disable Menu

Core Features

  • SEO Layout: a structure catered to the needs of search engine optimisation with a main-left-right code hierarchical layout.
  • Style Control: with ease, swiftly change any area of the theme to light or dark, or load a whole new colour scheme.
  • Custom Fonts: use CSS to implement non-standard fonts on your site from text to headers without flash hacks.

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Rock Formations
Mountain Getaway
Prestine Snow

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Custom Fonts

Using the CSS font-face facility, Nexus can use non-standard fonts as you would expect from flash solutions such as sIFR. Using CSS increases performance and is wide reaching. The feature is IE compatible.

K2 Component Support

K2 is a powerful content component that adds features and functions that are well beyond the constraints of the default Joomla Content Manager. Nexus provides individual CSS for this extension.

RocketLauncher Available

ImageRapid Deployment

RocketLauncher is a complete Joomla install to replicate the demo, inclusive of the template, extensions, sample images and all the content.

35 Module Positions

ImageFlexible Layout

With a large assortment of positions, which are collapsible, Nexus can adapt to any layout or structure you would wish to use.

Integrated Extensions

ImageComplimentary Addons

A selection of integrated RocketTheme extensions to extend the features of Nexus such as RokAjaxSearch, RokStories and RokTabs.